Penjelasan Tentang Reported Speech Dalam Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris

Penjelasan Tentang Reported Speech - Hallo guys Sahabat semau yang masih gemar belajar bahasa inggris,Masih semangat bukan untuk tetap belajar bahasa inggris. Yuk kita simak materi dibawah ini:


When we retell what someone has  said,weare use reported peech. In reported speech we usually use the past form of the verb in direct speech.

Penjelasan Tentang Reported Speech Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Penjelasan Tentang Reported Speech

Direct Speech                Indirect Speech
Simple present                Simple present           
Present Continous             Present Continous
Simple future                Simple past

Direct Speech        :”I am a students”
Indirect Speech    :”He said that he was a student

Direct Speech        :”My mother is cooking food”
Indirect Speech    :”She said that her mother was cooking food”
Indirect Speech    :Henry will have an exam next week”
Indirect Speech    :”He said Henry would have an exam the following week”

Adverb of time and place and a few others expression also change as follow:
Direct  Speech            Indirect Speech
Here                    there
this                    that
these                    those
now                    then
ago                    before
yesterday                th daybefore
next week                the following week
The word order of reported questions is the same as a simple statement:thereis no inversion as in a simple question,In questions introduced by a question – word (who,what,when,ect). This word serve as a link between the  introcducing verb and the reported question.
Direct Speech        :”Why did you come tomy house”
Indirect Speech    :”He asked me why I come to your house”

Nah demikianlah penjelasan yang bisa penulis berikan,semoga dapat membnatu dan bermanfaat

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